I adhered to my vegan detox 14-day cleanse 75-80% of the time, and I feel pretty damn good about it. 

I made a choice not to abandon my few scheduled Dine LA meals (though I ended up regretting it once, because my stomach had grown unaccustomed to so much rich food), and to not quit soda cold turkey. 

I come out on the other side having drawn this conclusion: my health and fitness guy put me through this vegan hell so that whatever food restrictions and dietary advisement he gave me going forth would seem like a cakewalk (“Dairy substitutes? No problem, I ate kale every day for two weeks!” “Limited grains, and only the kind you have to get used to the taste of? Easy, I drank juice for breakfast for 14 days!”)

I’m actually excited heading into my first week of changed lifestyle eating. I had to plan out all of my meals in advance (I love making lists!) and three nights this week, I get to spend 45 minutes in the kitchen with my favorite person making - and enjoying - healthy means together. SWEET. 

Check back with me next week after I remove soda completely. I’m fearful…


Since I was a wee lass, the one food I feared above all others was spinach. Every time it was forced upon me, the smell made me gag, I choked trying to eat it, and eventually I grew into a teenager and young adult who thought spinach was the absolute grossest food in the known universe. 

Granted, this was all in reference to cooked spinach. The idea of raw spinach seemed even worse somehow. Plus, I have a weird thing about eating something that looks like a leaf, stem and all. For some reason, my carnivorous-minded brain psyches out my mouth and stomach and hits the “REJECT!” button. 

So, Day Two of detox. Breakfast? Juicer juice. No problem. Delicious. Lunch? What I’d been dreading since I first saw the meal list for this 14 days of vegan hell: a spinach salad. 

I looked up the best-sounding recipe I could find on the Internet, and prepped it the night before (I’m no fool, I removed the stems to increase my chances of success). Spinach, strawberries, pumpkin seeds, a little chopped onion, and balsamic vinaigrette. 

I went outside for lunch, hiding myself away so no one could see my potential impending failure/gagfest. After my first bite, I did this…

Turns out…raw spinach is pretty good, y’all. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED. HURDLE CLEARED. 

Talk to me later tonight, after I have to eat my second-most hated food for the first time in forever (broccoli). 


14-day vegan detox started today. 

This means, among other things:

- Quitting soda, essentially cold turkey. I get to drink tea for caffeine, which generally I hate because it tastes the sad shadow of something tasty. However, plus side of the tea that was recommended for me (Yogi Healthy Fasting)? Some strong flavors that I really enjoy, like licorice and cinnamon bark. (Full disclosure: I snuck ONE diet coke. After an entire long weekend of no sleep, I was gonna fall asleep at my work keyboard. Getting fired is not on my list of things to do in 2014.)

- Getting breakfast from a juicer. Though the recipe was 1 part apple, 1 part orange, 3 parts carrot…I chickened out and went for a 1-1-1 ratio. It produced pretty tasty juice. I started to think that maybe this whole vegan thing wouldn’t be so bad after all. I definitely think that breakfast will be the easiest change to get used to.

- So much kale. Just as I was starting to convince myself that I “had this,” lunch time came. Kale salad (avocado, olive oil, balsamic, sunflower seeds ONLY). That was a rough meal. I do not like kale. Every time I’ve tried to eat it, it makes me gag. I tried to drown it in avocado, which, coupled with the olive oil and balsamic, worked pretty damn well as a smokescreen. Still, only got 2/3 of it down before my stomach gave up. Lunch alternates between kale and spinach…and while I’m scared of kale, I’m TERRIFIED of spinach.

- RAW everything. I admit, I had a tough time finding the “perfect” version of everything on my list. It has to be raw/pure/vegan/perfect, and that can be plain hard to find with certain foods. Raw nuts are pretty inoffensive. Most nuts, IMO, don’t need salt to taste good. Notable exception? Walnuts. Blech when raw.

On “cheating”

I am legitimately in this to win it, and I know that means cheating as little as possible. That said, I’ve had an LA restaurant week dinner scheduled for tonight for WEEKS, and no way in hell I’m skipping that. I’ll order all of the veggies. Promise.

Workouts start tomorrow. Prepare for more (but different) bitching!


I’m turning 30 this year. Holy crap…12-year-old me could never imagine ACTUALLY being that old. Hell, I’m sitting here at 29 years, 7 months and going

But it’s time to make a change. It’s time to finally, FINALLY get serious about my fitness and nutrition. I hired someone to help me out, but it’s really all going to come down to my ability to keep it all together and keep going…even if I’ll be eating more kale than I’ve ever seen in my life. 

My boyfriend suggested that it might help to have an outlet to go ‘FUCK YOU, KALE!” A burn book for health food, if you will. So I’m going to try it here. 

The journey starts Tuesday. 


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